Standards and best practices for the Multilingual Web

MultilingualWeb site now available in Gaeilge

Given that the next workshop is in Limerick, we have translated the MultilingualWeb site into Irish.

There are a few user interface terms that are still pending translation, and as for all of the languages the reports, program, call for participation, etc. are still in English (mostly because we don't have the resources to deal with those, and partly because the workshop is in English). But a large amount of text on the site and the navigation is now in Irish.

In addition to Irish, we have translated the site into Spanish, German, French, Italian and Romanian.

There are also two widgets at the bottom of each page, one from Microsoft and one from Google, that allow you to get gist translations of parts of the site that are not translated, or get gist translations into many other languages.

(For more information about the Limerick workshop, see /register)