Standards and best practices for the Multilingual Web

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Sponsorship Program
for MultilingualWeb Workshops

Updated December 15, 2014

W3C creates open standards for technology and best practices, so that the Web connects people and serves as a platform for innovation. To that extent, W3C organizes workshops to promote early involvement in the development of W3C activities from W3C Members and the public.

The MultilingualWeb projects are looking at standards and best practices that support the creation, localization and use of multilingual web-based information. The projects include support for a series of workshops open to the public, and various communication channels. These events spread information about what standards and best practices currently exist, current status on their development, and what gaps need to be filled.

W3C proposes a dedicated sponsorship program for these workshops to enable organizations to showcase their business and underscore their commitment to the shared goals of the W3C. The sponsorship benefits detailed below allow workshop sponsors to reach out to all stakeholders and decision makers worldwide and to be associated with breakthrough innovations that are paving the future of the Web.

Sponsorship Deadlines

The next opportunity is the workshop in Riga, Latvia, on 29 April, 2015. The deadline for sponsorship proposals for this workshop is 1 April 2015. For details about the sponsorship program, including sponsorship options, see the W3C Event Sponsor page.


For further information about this sponsorship program please contact Felix Sasaki (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).