Standards and best practices for the Multilingual Web

Freebie from for Anyone who Likes the XLIFF Standard

Both the Madrid, and the Pisa workshops of the Thematic Network “Multilingual Web” mentioned the XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) as a central component of streamlined localization processes. Presentations, in which XLIFF was mentioned included:

Right in time for the Second International XLIFF Symposium, the magazine MultiLingual has now published the article Insights into the Future of XLIFF. The magazine has even made a very interesting offer for anyone interested in XLIFF: a free digital-only subscription, or a print-with-digital subscription for a reduced fee (details of the offer).

The article answers three different questions related to XLIFF:

  1. What is the status quo related to implementation and adoption?
  2. Which ideas or recommendations exist for enhancements or future versions?
  3. Which general observations can be made?

Base for the answers were the contributions to the First International XLIFF Symposium in Limerick and discussions in the XLIFF Technical Committee related to the symposium's contributions.